Mandeville & Elm Farm Councillors

Your District Councillors for Mandeville & Elm Farm on Aylesbury Vale District Council are:

Cllr MrsJenny Bloom - 01296 434123

Jenny has served on Aylesbury Vale District and Aylesbury Town Councils for 8 years. She lives in Aylesbury and is currently Chairman of Aylesbury Vale District Council. 

Sue Chapple - 01296 4268414

Sue lives and works in Aylesbury, she has served the residents of Mandeville & Elm Farm, where she lives, for 8 years on both Aylesbury Vale District and Aylesbury Town Councils. 

Roger King -  07773 621709   0196 482812

The newest member of the Mandeville & Elm Farm team Roger has long been involved with his community as secretary of the Aylesbury Society. As a Mandeville & Elm Farm resident he understands the issues that residents face. Roger recently retired from Aylesbury Town Council.