Red Box Project Aylesbury

Aylesbury Conservatives are now a donation point for The Red Box Project Aylesbury. 


In the UK, some young women in our schools are finding it difficult to access sanitary products leading to tearful panics in the loo, wadded up toilet roll, anxious embarrassment, missed lessons and missed education. 

The Red Box Project collects donations of sanitary products, pants and tights from members of our community and puts them into red boxes to give to local schools. The Red Box Project supports girls by quietly ensuring that no young woman misses school because she has her period. 

We need donations to help keep the boxes fully stocked:

Sanitary towels, tampons, pants and tights (various sizes for ages 10yrs - 18yrs). 


Our office is open to accept donations Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. 


You can find out more about The Red Box Project at, get involved locally at or visit