Tyne Road Green Update

Following on from the numerous objections put forward by local residents and the Councillors for Hawkslade & Walton Court Cllr Gary Powell today received some welcome news about the planning application to build on the green at Tyne Road. 

Cllr Powell said, "A case conference of AVDC specialist officers has taken the view that the application to develop on the green at Tyne Road in Hawkslade should be refused. This is very welcome news. The refusal is subject to consolidation of evidence in order to ensure that the decision can be sustained on appeal. Should an appeal be lodged, I shall continue to oppose this application vigorously, but I hope that the applicant will realise as a result of the case conference decision, as well as the opposition from such a large number of local residents and from both district councillors, that the time has come for a line to be drawn under this attempt to build houses on the green. The green is a very important amenity for the residents of Hawkslade, and particularly for children, given the lack of public green spaces in the area, and further housing development at that location would have simply compounded the local traffic congestion problems that are already considerable."