Traffic Relief - Fighting for Residents

As local residents the team are all too aware of the concerns about the volume of traffic and size of vehicles thundering through our streets on a daily basis.


In September 2014 Cllr Julie Ward was interviewed on BBC news and used the opportunity to highlight the need for urgent traffic relief in our area saying “I would strongly urge the County Council to prioritise the completion of an Eastern relief Road”.


When speaking again to the BBC in relation to the emerging plans for the Woodlands development, Julie used this platform as an opportunity to highlight the need for traffic relief in our area. This new scheme could deliver a complete Eastern Link Road to compliment the roads being delivered by the Kingsbrook development. Julie emphasised “residents have been waiting a very long time for traffic relief”.  Aylesbury East is undergoing major changes and it is vitally important that development and the necessary infrastructure is managed carefully. 


Julie joined with Oakfield Residents and spoke before the AVDC committee that considered the reserved matters application relating to the roads being delivered by the Kingsbrook development.  She said then, as she says now, “I share your concerns that an single carriage way estate road through the centre of a development will not be sufficient to offer adequate future protection for traffic relief for the residents of Tring Road and Broughton”, echoed by fellow Conservative District Councillor for Oakfield & Bierton Cllr Mary Stamp. There is nothing to celebrate yet and unfortunately as the planning authority AVDC’s hands are tied by red tape in what they can insist upon from a developer.  As plans come forward for major development applications that link into Kingsbrook, it is vital that future implications are considered now and plans are managed very carefully.


In early March, Julie met with Officers & Cabinet Members of both Bucks County Council and AVDC at a joint meeting to discuss the issue of the road network and traffic in our area, particularly in relation to possible future development.  She was encouraged by the collaborative working between the two Councils for the benefit of all residents. Julie said, “I  was able to represent residents views effectively at the joint meeting and ensure that our concerns have been understood.  I can assure you that I am at the forefront of making your voices heard where and when it matters. We will keep you all posted as things progress.”