Town Councillors Back Move to Replace Illegal Parking on Kingsbury with Flowers

Conservative Central Aylesbury Councillors Edward Sims and Barbara Russel are backing plans that are currently being put forward to replace illegal evening parking on Kingsbury with flower planters.

Their Conservative colleague Councillor Mark Winn is bringing forward a motion that would see Aylesbury Town Council place six planters on Kingsbury, where people are currently parking illegally.

Councillor Winn said “Each night, especially at the weekends, people are parking on the Kingsbury pavement where the fountains used to be. Not only does this look very unsightly, it is also damaging the pavement. Together with the oil that is being left behind by these cars, this is an unwanted hazard for pedestrians –especially for the disabled - we simply have to stop this happening, once and for all! These planters should hopefully prevent it”.

Councillor Sims commented “Barbara and I, as Central Aylesbury Councillors, will fully back this important motion, when it comes before the Town Council this week. We would all agree that more needs to be done to re-generate Kingsbury, which has the potential to become a bustling, ‘café culture’ and pedestrian-friendly heart of the town.  I know that AVDC are hard at work, putting together a plan on this. Allowing cars to illegally park on the pavement is of course not part of this plan, and must be stopped”.

Councillor Russel added: “Another great thing about this motion, if approved by the Town Council, is that this would be a concrete illustration of the Town Council and District Council working together, for the good of our town and all our residents. These flower planters would go on land owned by Aylesbury Vale District Council. Indeed, AVDC are also looking in to the possibility of funding two of the planters”.


Mark said “I know that Dianna Fawcett – the AVDC Town Centre manager - has been working hard to brighten up Kingsbury by planting flowers where the fountains used to be, and by persuading some of the shopkeepers not to park there. For a modest outlay, we can put a stop to those that wish to ruin Kingsbury for everyone else. I hope that the Town Council will back our plan for a better Kingsbury this Thursday”.