Sir David Lidington to stand down as MP for Aylesbury

Following a conversation with our Association Chairman, Cllr. Steve Broadbent,today Sir David Lidington has formally written to the our Executive Council to announce that he wishes to retire and not seek re-election for Parliament in the next General Election.

Having served the people of Aylesbury for over 27 years we know many constituents will all join with our Association to thank David for the work he has done for this constituency and our country. In a political career which has seen him represent Aylesbury and HM Government all over the world David also spent many thousands of hours in his constituency surgery meetings with his constituents helping them with anything from school placements, NHS funding to litter bin issues.

Association Chairman Steve Broadbent said, “Our Association has always supported David wholeheartedly as he has been an outstanding MP.  He now feels the time is right to be able to spend more time with his family – something he hasn’t had much of for over two decades! I would like to acknowledge the length of his public service and also recognise that David has held a number of important posts in Government.  David is well respected across the House of Commons for his work but it is the positive contribution he has made locally for the people of the Aylesbury Constituency that we, at the Association value most of all.  Although we are sad to lose David as our MP he will forever be an integral part of our Association. We will be selecting a new candidate shortly and are looking forward to knocking on doors and getting out across the constituency to support him/her in the upcoming General Election to become our next MP.”