Kingsbury Parking Update

A Public Space Protection Order is now in place in Kingsbury. 

We are happy that after years of campaigning from the Central & Walton team Kingsbury finally has a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in place. This means that the owner of any car now parked illegally on Kingsbury can officially be fined or prosecuted by AVDC. We urge residents and shoppers to report any such vehicles seen parked on Kingsbury to AVDC, so that action can be taken (  We are also pleased  that Market Square is now often closed to traffic on market days - this allows for a more pleasant market shopping experience, and is also much safer for pedestrians shopping on the Market Square. 


Cllr Edward Sims said, “Following concerns raised by residents and community groups relating to illegal parking, speeding and dangerous driving around the patch the team have been busy trying to find sustainable, long-term solutions to these ongoing problems, which plague many large towns right across the country. We have organised many meetings during the course of the past few months with residents, Council officials, the Police and traffic wardens, in order to resolve these problems.”