Illegal Parking on Kingsbury

Parking in central Aylesbury remains a persistent problem and your Councillors continue to receive many messages from residents concerned about illegal parking in the town, particularly on Kingsbury.

It is precisely for this reason that Barbara and Edward have championed the placing of planters on Kingsbury, in order to physically obstruct cars from parking there illegally. Barbara and Edward  were instrumental in securing the funding for these planters, in close co-operation with Aylesbury Town Council and AVDC-Town Centre Partnership.


Your Conservative team continue to be active in clamping down on illegal parking in the town - they want to protect residents, shoppers and business owners who park and drive in the town in a law-abiding fashion from reckless, irresponsible and inconsiderate illegal parkers. Barbara and Edward are both in regular contact with the Aylesbury Police Force, Bucks County Council/Transport for Bucks, Aylesbury Town Centre Management Team and AVDC about illegal parking and other anti-social behaviour in central Aylesbury.


Rest assured, Barbara and Edward are working for YOU on parking and anti-social behaviour matters in the town. If you are concerned about anti-social behaviour in your area then please let one of the team know, they are here to help you with any issue or concern you have.