Hampden Fields Going Ahead

The Hampden Fields development has regrettably been given the go ahead. Your local Conservative Councillors fought hard to try and stop this development including Cllr Mark Winn in Bedgrove speaking against the development at the Inquiry and putting the case against changes that were planned to Walton gyratory system. These were one of the main reasons why the Planning Inspector turned down the original application.

Unfortunately, new plans were submitted, and whilst continuing to oppose the development local Conservative Councillors felt it was most important to push for mitigation should permission be given for the development. Cllr Mark Winn pressed that if the development was to go ahead it should include: 

  • A dual carriageway between the A41 Tring roads and A413 Wendover roads.
  • New pedestrian and pelican crossings where a local toddler and resident were seriously injured, (over 1,000 residents signed our petitions for these crossings).

This road infrastructure will join other roads planned for Aylesbury and help to build what will eventually become a ring road around our town. County Cllr Julie Ward and Cllr Winn will continue to press that Cambourne Avenue and Bedgrove as well as other roads in Bedgrove will no longer allow large lorries to travel along them. Lorries should instead then be routed along the new dual carriageway through Hampden Fields.

Mark said, “whilst I wish that this development was not taking place, I am pleased we were able to secure some much-needed additional roads infrastructure. This will provide relief and some much needed additional safety, something our residents feel strongly about.”

Other benefits that the developers will supply from this development are:    

  • Land and contribution of £17.9m for two new primary schools.
  • £19.3m towards a new secondary school off-site at the County Council’s preferred location at Kingsbrook.
  • £2.1m towards additional special education needs facilities at Stocklake Park School.
  • Land and a building for a new doctor’s surgery, alongside space for a pharmacy and dental practice.
  • Land for 29,200 sqm of employment space providing the opportunity for 1,200 new jobs.
  • A vibrant local centre providing a community centre, nursery, care home, pub, restaurant, gymnasium and shops.
  • 108 hectares (50% of the site) of high quality green space including formal and informal sports, areas for play, community orchards and growing spaces.
  • Electric car charging points to every home and in the local centre, community facilities and employment area.