By-Election Results 17th August 2017

Congratulations to Ashley Waite who was successfully elected as the Councillor for Riverside ward in the Aylesbury Vale District Council by-election held on Thursday 17th August. Commiserations to Akhmad Hussain and Asalat Khan who both came second in the Southcourt District & Town Council by-elections respectively. All three worked hard during the campaign and will continue to work for their communities. 

Association Chairman Bill Chapple said, "We were lucky to have 3 candidates who were so dedicated to working for their community. It is such a shame that Akhmad & Asalat came so close but just missed out, they would have worked hard for Southcourt and I know they will continue to support their community regardless of the result. I am looking forward to working with Ashley on AVDC and I know that the residents of Riverside have got a dedicated Councillor. Thank you to the teams of volunteers who helped in both wards."



Riverside District                                                                                     

 Ashley Waite                  Conservative        301   35% Elected             

 Jason Samuel Bingley   Liberal Democrat  286   33%                            

 John Anthony Cowell    Labour Party          210   24%                             

 Phil Gomm                     UKIP                      48     6%                               

 Mary Hodgskiss             Green Party            23    3%                                

Southcourt District

Sally-Anne Jarvis            Liberal Democrat    456     37%Elected

 Akhmad Hussain            Conservative        386     32%

Ansar Gulzar                     Labour                   270    22%

Julie Elizabeth Atkins        Green Party           58        5%

Geoffrey Arthur Baile        UKIP                       54       4%

Southcourt Town 

 Waheed Khan Raja      Liberal Democrat    478  39%Elected

 Asalat Khan                  Conservative          363   30%

 Carmel Traynor              Labour                      283   23%

 Julie Elizabeth Atkins    Green Party               55      4%

 Debbie Huntley               UKIP                         47      4%