David Lidington Takes Local Councillors to Meet the Planning Minister to Discuss the Aylesbury Vale Local Plan

During the meeting, which was arranged by David Lidington, Mr Boles offered to arrange for a senior retired former planning inspector to visit Aylesbury Vale District Council to offer advice on how best to ensure the new plan was acceptable to the Planning Inspectorate.

The councillors also invited Mr Boles to visit Aylesbury Vale to learn about the work of the Council.

David said:

I was pleased to be able to arrange the meeting to allow AVDC to discuss directly with the Planning Minister how best to move forward with their local plan.

We had a constructive meeting. Neil Blake and I explained very clearly to the Minister that Aylesbury Vale already has one of the best house building records of any council in the country. We also talked about the pressures on local infrastructure, especially on the road network, and emphasised the need for housing growth to be accompanied by adequate provision for both infrastructure and public services.

The Minister made clear that he did appreciate the development pressure that AVDC is under especially given how close it is to the outer rim of the green belt.

His offer to send a senior planner to spend a day or so with the Council is extremely welcome. I hope very much that this will avoid any possible misunderstanding of what the Planning Inspectorate expects in terms of things like the duty to consult neighbouring local authorities.