David Lidington Re-Elected

In the early hours of Friday morning David Lidington was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for the Aylesbury constituency. During his speech David thanked the residents of the Aylesbury constituency who entrusted him and promises to serve everyone regardless of who they voted for in Westminster. 

The detailed results are below:

Mark Bateman - Labour 17657

Steven Lambert - Liberal Democrats - 5660

David Lidington - Conservative - 32,313

Kyle Micheal - Independent - 620

Coral Simpson - Green - 1237

Vijay Sroa - UKIP - 1296

Our thanks go to everyone who voted in this election and to the teams of volunteers from the very north of our constituency in Watermead to the south in Beacons Bottom who delivered leaflets, knocked on doors put up signs and stuffed envelopes helping us get our message across.


If you would like to contact David's Westminster office you can call 0207 219 3432 or e-mail David on david.lidington.mp@parliament.uk