Clearing up Bedgrove Brook

The team have been working for some time to establish who is responsible for the maintenance of the Bedgrove brook as it flows alongside Tring Road. A few years ago the team even pulled on their wellies and cleared out a stretch of a brook themselves! Recently, some local residents cleared debris from the waterway that runs under Tring Road near to the Bedgrove/Broughton traffic lights. If they had not done so the gully may well have become blocked which could have had a devastating impact on the traffic and local homes.

Cllr Mark Winn, who has been leading the investigations said, “I have arranged for AVDC to clear the debris away. The community spirit of local residents should be applauded but it has made me more determined to ensure we prevent the waterways flooding. I have arranged site visits with the responsible Cabinet Members at AVDC and BCC, Council Officers and the Environment Agency to establish once and for all who is responsible for each part of the waterway. I will ask them to set up a regular maintenance plan.”