Changes to Bedgrove Buses

Residents will already be aware of the changes made to the number 8 bus service operated by Arriva

Having spoken with many residents since these changes came into force Mark and Julie are aware that those with mobility issues have been struggling to walk the longer distances since the bus stops along Ingram and Welbeck Avenues were removed from the route. Your team have been in constant touch with Arriva to try and persuade them to reinstate this part of the route.   

STOP PRESS: In their latest reply Arriva have said that they might reinstate the old route that goes via Welbeck Ave and Ingram Ave providing the original bus stops were still there. We have sent Arriva picture evidence showing these bus stops are still in situ and have therefore asked Arriva to reinstate the old route. We are awaiting their reply and have also requested to meet with them to request they put back the old route.