Local News

Aylesbury Vale says 'No'

The residents of Aylesbury Vale gave a resounding answer to the question of the Alternative Vote with 70% voting No on Thursday 5th May. Following campaigning across the Vale the results for Aylesbury Vale were as follows:Yes 17,777No 41,096

Aylesbury Conservatives Increase Councillors

Following months of hard work and dedication from candidates and activists alike Aylesbury Conservatives are thrilled to have increased their number of District Councillors to 21. For a list of the full results across the constituency please see below. If you would like to see the full results for Aylesbury Vale District Council and Wycombe District Council please visit www.avdc.gov.uk and www.wycombe.gov.uk.

No to AV

Vote No to AV on Thursday 5th May

Councillors Elected

Four Conservative Councillors elected in Wycombe District Council unopposed.

HS2 Consultation Launched

High Speed Rail: Investing in Britain's Future - Consulation has been launched today nationwide.