Camborne Avenue Crossing Petition

The team who have been knocking on doors with the petition set up a stall in Jansel Square to highlight why they feel a crossing is needed. Cllr Mark Winn said:



“There has already been one serious accident and residents are concerned that there are far too many near misses at the Camborne Avenue crossing which is why we are asking Buckinghamshire County Council to look at replacing the zebra crossing with a signaled pelican crossing before there are any more serious accidents. We believe the crossing and limiting the parking in the adjacent lay by would make it safer and would help slow down traffic on what is an increasingly busy road.  We believe this should be looked at now, and the people of Bedgrove agree. I would like to thank everyone who has already signed the petition and if anyone would like to know more please get in touch.” 

You can sign the petition online at