Buckinghamshire MPs Urge HS2 Committee to Reject HS2 Ltd’s Petition Challenges

Local MPs David Lidington, Cheryl Gillan and John Bercow have urged the HS2 Hybrid Bill Select Committee to reject HS2 Ltd’s challenge to both STOP HS2 and the HS2 Action Alliance’s petitions, which are being heard today.

Last week the MPs sent a joint letter to Robert Syms, Chair of the HS2 Select Committee, urging his committee to rule in favour of STOP HS2 and the HS2 Action Alliance to ensure they can present their petitions.

David said: STOP HS2 and the HS2 Action Alliance represent the interests of a great number of my constituents who are opposed to the HS2 Scheme. A number of my constituents also rely on these organisations to help represent their views on mitigation measures that they would like to see put in place. Should STOP HS2 and the Action Alliance be prevented from presenting their petitions to the Committee a significant number of my constituents will feel let down by the petitioning process.

I hope Mr Syms’ committee throws out HS2 Ltd’s challenge to both the HS2 Action Alliance and STOP HS2’s petitions.

John said: It is important that we work together to ensure that the High Speed 2 Bill Select Committee has the opportunity to hear as much evidence as possible. High Speed 2 Action Alliance and Stop HS2 have been instrumental in ensuring that our constituents are fully informed about the project and both organisations can make a valuable contribution to the work of the Committee.

Cheryl said: Many of my constituents in Chesham & Amersham feel it would be utterly wrong to stifle the voices of the campaign groups, which are truly part of our community and which express the views of many Chiltern residents. They have built up a body of knowledge which is a resource in itself. If the groups are not allowed to present their arguments then it will be an injustice.