Bedgrove Road Safety Campaign

Bedgrove Councillors who represent Bedgrove on the Town Council have all united behind an initiative Cllr Mark Winn put together to improve road safety in Bedgrove.

Mark said, “Since I was elected to represent Bedgrove in 2011 some of the biggest issues residents have contacted me and my ward colleages Tom, Brian & Jenny about is speeding traffic and parking as we have nine schools in the area (the biggest concentration in the country).

There have been a number of serious accidents over the recent years with a two year old toddler and a seventy year old man both being run over in separate incidents.

Whilst we will continue to press for things that will improve matters for residents such as the parking project in Turnfurlong to try in the end it is people’s attitudes that need to change. It should not be acceptable to drive along the pavement or road at 45 or 50 mph, to park on someone else drive at school time or to park where it is inconvenient or unsafe for pedestrians. With this in mind we have got several Bedgrove schools in the area to get their puipils to design road safety posters, with the hope these signs will help to persuade people to slow down take care through streets in Bedgrove.”

You should see the winning entries from each school appearing as posters throughout our streets in the next few days.


We would like to thank all the schools that took part and in particular the Bedgrove school children who did a fantastic job producing some fabulous designs.