Aylesbury Conservatives set up High Speed Action Group

Aylesbury Conservative Association have set up their own High Speed Action Group to help fight these proposals. "The Action Group came about after one of our Executive Council meetings," said Phil Yerby, AVDC cllr and member of the Executive. "The threat these proposals cause is so great to so many people, that we felt we needed to set up a group within the Association which looks specifically at High Speed 2. It is made up of representatives of the areas which would be affected along not only the preferred route , but also the preferred alternative."
"We believe that any high speed rail proposals must be justified and compelling on the basis of national interest, and that they must be re-justified when choosing which route. We would also like to see a complete review of the business case which we think is severely flawed."
The Action group will be liaising with local action groups across the constituency to fight these plans.