Answers to ACCA Stay at Home Quiz

Thank you to everyone who took part in our quiz over the bank holiday weekend. We will leave the quiz up online and below you can find both the questions and more importantly the answers. 

Congratulations to our winner Julie Ward. 


Music Round

1. Who wrote Land of Hope and Glory? C – Edward Elgar

2. What’s Tina Turner’s real name? A- Anna Mae Bullock

 3. Who won the 2019 Eurovision song contest? B – Duncan Laurence

4. Which group wrote the rock opera Tommy? A – The Who

5. Which year did Desert Island discs start? C – 1942

6. Terry Caldwell, Brian Harvey, John Hendy and Tony Mortimer form what group? C – East 17

7. What is Boris Johnson’s favourite band? D – The Clash


Sports Round

1. How many players are there in a netball team? A – 7

2. In which year did Princes Anne compete in the Olympics? B – 1976

3. At which Test cricket ground can you bowl from the Radcliffe Road end? D – Trent Bridge

4. How many laps are there in a single race at a speedway meeting? A – 2

5. Which was the first Asian country to host a F1 Grand Prix? D – Japan

6. Which year did the first Wimbledon tournament take place? C – 1877

 7. Which football team does Rishi Sunak support? C – Southampton 


Politics Round

1. Who was the first leader of the Conservative Party? Robert Peel

 2. Sir Winston Churchill represented 5 parliamentary constituencies. Name any 3. Any 3 of Oldham, Manchester North West, Dundee, Epping, Woodford

 3. Tony Blair represented which Scottish constituency? Sedgefield

4. Which constituencies in Buckinghamshire have the same MP as they did before the 2019 General Election? Chesham & Amersham (Dame Cherly Gillan), Milton Keynes South (Iain Stewart) and Wycombe (Steve Baker). 

5. How many Liberal Democrat MPs are there in the current parliament? 11

6. Which Council declared the first election result in the 2019 General Election? Bonus point for the name of the constituency. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Newcastle Central 

7. Which Council holds the national record for declaration of a seat set in 2001, declaring at 10:43? Bonus point for the name of the seat (both former and current names of the constituency will be accepted). Sunderland. Sunderland South (former constituency) now Sunderland Central (for the most part).  


World Politics Round

  1. George Washington was the first American President of the United States of America. Who was second? John Adams
  2. He was the son of a Siberian peasant and became the most influential person at the court of Tsar Nicholas II. He was widely thought to have magical powers and was assassinated in 1916. What was his name? Rasputin
  3. Hilary Clinton was elected to the US Senate representing which state? New York 
  4. Mahatma Gandhi qualified in England for which profession before practising in South Africa? Law – solicitor/barrister/lawyer all accepted
  5. Helle Thorning-Schmidt was the Prime Minster of which country between 2011 - 2015? ? Denmark
  7. Which country's parliament consists of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha? India
  8. Which two men were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993? Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk 

Tie Break Question – How many votes did Rob Butler get in December 2019? 32737